Tax investigation Service – Full details

What is the fee protection service?

  • Your accountant will defend you, should you receive an enquiry from HMRC… Professional defence costs are often substantial
  • These costs will be covered by your accountants policy
  • Includes cover for enquiries under HMRC’s ‘Schedule 36’ powers
  • Cover for up to £100,000 of fees
  • Includes complimentary access to Employment Law, Health & Safety and Commercial Legal advice lines. Details.
  • Your accountant will deal with any claims

Croner Taxwise Fee Protection Service With the public finances so tightly stretched, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has been set the ambitious target of increasing tax revenues.   HMRC have responded strongly by:

  • Initiating a number of campaigns targeting taxpayers, whom HMRC believe have declared incorrect tax.
  • Launching a number of task forces, which target certain trades in specific areas.
  • Recruiting 2,500 new Compliance Officers.
  • Targeting 20,000 Business Record Checks each year.
  • Undertaking more enquiries and Compliance Visits than ever before.

Any taxpayer can be targeted by HMRC to check that they are paying the right amount of tax, answering all of HMRC’s questions takes time and professional expertise.  Enquiries often drag on for months and sometimes take years to conclude.  It can cost thousands of pounds to defend you, whatever the end result. So what can be done? It is more important now than it has ever been for you to consider protecting against the unplanned costs that you will incur in the event of an HMRC enquiry or compliance visit.  This can be achieved at a relatively low cost. An insurance backed solution To provide peace of mind, we are introducing a Tax Enquiry Fee Protection Service.  The Service is backed by an insurance policy under which we can claim costs incurred defending you in the event of an HMRC enquiry.  For added value clients who subscribe to the Service will also be able to access a telephone advice line covering those complex areas of Employment Law and Business Safety, at no additional cost. Why do I need the fee protection service?

  • HMRC enquiry activity is at record levels
  • HMRC are targeted to increase tax revenues
  • HMRC has been granted wider information and inspection powers under ‘Schedule 36’
  • Anyone that pays tax can come under enquiry
  • Many enquiries are selected completely at random
  • Even if your tax return and business records are accurate and the taxman finds no errors accountancy fees can cost thousands
  • No policy excess
  • No nonsense policy allowing your accountant to deal with all enquiry correspondence from HMRC as well as attending meetings with HMRC where necessary
  • Complete peace of mind

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The policy document can be viewed here.

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