Virtual Finance Officer Service

Historically, accountancy firms have reported on what’s already happened in a business with a strong ‘compliance’ objective.

However, at McPhersons, we take things a step further and like to work with business owners to look at what’s happening now and in the future.

With cloud technology, we can access real time information and really understand what is happening in your business NOW – not after your year has ended! So, what does a VFO do?

  • Takes responsibility for your accounting function
  • Ensures accuracy of recording transactions
  • Provides real time reports on what is happening now and advise optimum solutions
  • Attends your board meetings, gaining an understanding of your overall business ,advising on areas such as pricing, profitability, capital efficiency, cost reduction, financial systems and processes
  • Quantifies and manages your risk
  • Formulates annual budgets
  • Identifies and reports on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Benchmarks your performance against your industry standards
  • Offers more and better advice throughout the year at a fraction of the cost of employing your own Finance Director

The experienced directors at McPhersons are already a step ahead and are looking at their clients’ businesses from the inside. “It is only when you gain an holistic view of the business that you can really start to add value”. Says Ainsley Gill, Director at McPhersons;

“It’s an obvious way forward for us. If our clients succeed then so do we. We know we can add value and we are willing to invest extra time to help our clients grow. Not only this, our role has become a lot more interesting than in the past when compliance was the name of the game. Our wide range of experience across multiple sectors is highly transferable and we can apply it quickly and effectively.”

If you wish to discuss how the VFO solution could help your business, call McPhersons on 01424 730000 or email

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