McPhersons go Hybrid

The team at McPhersons are all geared up to return to the office next week with a new hybrid-style working structure in place. Hybrid working has always existed, but its prevalence has been turbocharged by the pandemic and remote working. Peter Watters is the director organising the transition;

“Working from home was not a difficult transition for us due to our cloud-based working environment which means we can log in from anywhere and view our own desktops. It was a seamless process other than some moving of equipment that was required for working longer hours away from the office. Our VOIP ‘phone system (also known as Voice Over Internet Protocol) means that we were alreay using the internet to make calls rather than a landline. This enabled us to continue to receive and transfer calls with no disruption.”

Home working is not suited to all professions but the team at McPhersons adapted extremely well and as a result, a hybrid working structure is now being introduced. In order to maintain some level of social distancing, a rota has been established to ensure adequate office coverage as well as sanitiser stations. Says Peter;

” The offer of hybrid working has been really well received and the majority of staff will be working from home three days per week allowing great flexibility and helping with the work/life balance. We’re really looking forward to seeing our teams in person again!”

Of course, it helped that a paperless office was introduced in 2018 where virtually all documents were sent securely to clients via email rather than through the post. This allowed even the administration team to be able to continue working from their homes.





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