Generations reaches Kickstarter goal!

We are delighted to report that our client, John Cole, has reached his Kickstarter goal of £14,750… and a bit!

Total pledges came to £16,800, which is so much more than he had hoped for!

He would like to thank everyone for their incredibly generosity including everyone at McPhersons who have been so very helpful and supportive with his Kickstarter campaign. He is especially touched that so many people donated in these financially challenging times.

He can now expand the reach of the book so that even more people can learn about the wonderful and diverse history of the Hastings fishing community. Plus, he’ll be able to donate more books and tote bags to the fishermen’s association (, which they can sell at upcoming fish fairs to raise money for the association.

At the moment John is working with the book designer, Guy Callaby, who has been brilliant at helping him sort through hundreds of photos and laying them out in a strong, clean design. Please have a look at Guy’s website to see his impressive portfolio of work ( Generations is scheduled to be printed and ready for distribution early September, if not before.

And lastly, Unicorn Publishing has put Generations up on their website ( and will be promoting Generations at the London Book Fair this June.

For more of John’s work please visit

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