McPhersons Christmas Quiz!

For the last five months, Ainsley Gill, Director at McPhersons has been sharing some useful information just for Bexhillian readers. Now it’s time to see what you can remember! Simply answer the following questions before 31st December 2013.
Good luck!



1. What does RTI stand for?

Real tax information

Real Time Information

Right time information

2. If you have no RTI information to report, you should;

Do nothing

Submit a nil employer Payment Summary

3. The current inheritance tax threshold is;




4. You can give £250 to as many people as you like each year and this will be exempt from inheritance tax.



5. Each parent can give £5,000 on the marriage of their son or daughter, which is exempt from inheritance tax, if;

They live for 7 years

It is conditional that the marriage happens

They are a tax payer

6. The personal tax allowance in 2013/14 is;




7. The annual tax free allowance for capital gains is;




8. The ISA allowance for 2013/14 is;




Terms and Conditions available on our website Correct winners will be entered into a draw and the winner randomly selected.

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