McPhersons lights the way and saves energy with a led lighting grant.

Led lighting uses much less energy than traditional forms of lighting. Not only this, it can dramatically cut lighting bills. When McPhersons was approached by their client, Led-UK with a proposal to replace their current lighting system, they saw it as a win-win situation. Not only this, substantial grants are available to switch the led lighting.

Ainsley Gill, Director at McPhersons comments ‘Despite our buildings being many years old, we do all we can to minimise our impact on the environment. We are virtually paperless, with all our work being ‘on the cloud’ and this enables our staff to work remotely or at home, hence reducing emissions and fuel consumption. When this opportunity arose, we jumped at the chance to reduce our environmental impact further.’

According to Led-UK, mcphersons will reduce the carbon footprint on their lighting by up to 73.95%!

The work will begin within the next few weeks at McPhersons offices in central Bexhill-on-Sea.

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